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Pick A Roll

Stash Box - Black

Stash Box - Black

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If you're looking for a complete and must-have stash box, then look no further than the Pick a Roll Stash Box! This stylish and functional box comes with everything you need to store your smoking supplies in one place. The box includes a black ashtray designed by Nina, a grinder, glass jar, bowl, and two rolling papers. The tray is perfect for catching ashes and the grinder is great for breaking up tobacco or herbs. The glass jar is the perfect size for storing your smoking supplies and the bowl is perfect for packing a bowl of tobacco or herbs. The rolling papers are eco-friendly and made with pure hemp pulp. With the Pick a Roll Stash Box, you'll have everything you need to smoke in style!

  • Black Ashtray designed by Nina 
  • Black Tray - Nina's Design (18cm*14cm)
  • Grinder - Nina's 3 layers grinder (55mm)
  • Glass Jar - Nina's best storage (55mm*88mm)
  • Nina's Designed Bowl 
  • 2 Rolling Papers - Pick me - Nina's Edition + Pick Nina - Nina's Edition

Pick me - Nina's Edition -> Paper Color : White / 
Filter Color : Brown
Pick Nina - Nina's Edition -> Paper Color : White / Filter Color : Black

Paper Color : Beige
Filter Color : Beige


KING SIZE /slim/ size 110×45 mm
Ultra thin, slow burning, 100% organic

32 leaves in a BOOKLET
32 filter tips in a BOOKLET

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