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Pick A Roll

Stoner Kit

Stoner Kit

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Pick a Roll Stoner Kit Contains:

1) The ‘Nina’ ashtray: made of durable high-quality aluminum, and contains a rubber bottom layer to provide a sturdy hold, fit for every surface.

2) An aluminum tube: waterproof and odorless, with silicon closure to preserve freshness and provide safe storage when on the go.

3) Pick a Roll’s Stash Storage Box: the best solution for storing your stash safely. The box is made of glass which gives it a more elegant look, with a rubber cover to ensure sturdiness and discretion. The lid’s silicon material provides an additional layer to help preserve freshness and lock in the smell.

4) The ‘Nina’ grinder: made of aluminum and has sharp edges to efficiently cut through all types of herb. The magnet in the middle is to ensures both parts of the grinder are strongly intact when grinding your herbs.
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