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Pick A Roll

Doobie Tube, Water & Smell Proof

Doobie Tube, Water & Smell Proof

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Pick a Roll's Black Tube Keep your fun fresh, always.

To-go Kit - take me with you.
Outdoor kind of fun but with style Black Tube - White Logo - Classic for the first kiss

Material: Aluminum

Resistance - The aluminum tube is waterproof and odorless, with silicon closure to preserve freshness and provide safe storage when on the go. The gentle texture of its outer layer makes it easy to carry and leaves a pleasant feeling in your hands.

One Size Fits All - The tube is designed to perfectly store all your necessities in one place when on the go - and can easily fit in your pocket, pouch, purse, or backpack. Measurements: 0.59” x 4.3”.

Durable - The tube is made of aluminum and has silicon closing, creating a durable and sustainable safe storing space to keep your goods as fresh as when you first prepared them.

Instructions - short and simple, all you have to do is screw the cap counter-clockwise to open the tube, and clockwise to close it, until the silicon is fully sealed.

Look & Feel - Classic black tube, with a small white “Nina” logo imprinted in the center.


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