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Mami Collection - Zebrea

Mami Collection - Zebrea

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Zebra - Mami Collection 

Seriously? Do we even need to explain? Zebra? Who doesn’t want to have in his stash box Zebra’s rolling papers? 

Just looking at those stripes makes me wanna roll one. Black and White, is there any better colors mixture? Nope. That’s why Zebra rolling papers are in our top sellers of all the time. 

Take me to the Safari. Now. 

Paper Color : Brown 
Filter Color : Brown

KING SIZE /slim/ size 110×45 mm
Ultra thin, slow burning, 100% organic

32 leaves in a BOOKLET
32 filter tips in a BOOKLET

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Our rolling papers are 100% Natural Food Colours - Without Taste, Bio Recycled Degradable Kraft Papers, Pure Organic Hemp, 100% Vegan Organic Papers and Tips, 100% Natural Arabic Gum, Ultra Thin Papers, Slow Burning & Full Colour Edge Printing.