10 Uses for Your Smell-Proof Stash Jar from Pick a Roll

Our Pick a Roll Smell-Proof Stash Jar isn't just a one-trick pony. Its versatility goes way beyond storing herbs. Let’s explore 10 different ways you can utilize this jar to simplify and improve your daily life.

1. Tea Storage

Our airtight stash jar is perfect for storing various types of tea. Keep your green, black, and herbal teas fresh and full of flavor for extended periods. The airtight seal ensures that the aroma and taste are locked in.

2. Spice Keeper

Say goodbye to stale spices. Our smell-proof jar keeps spices vibrant and full of flavor. It's an easy way to extend the life of your favorite kitchen ingredients.

3. Essential Oils

Store your essential oils in our jars to maintain their therapeutic properties. The rubber-coated glass helps protect the oils from light degradation, keeping them potent for longer.

4. Travel Toiletries

Our jar is excellent for packing your creams, lotions, and other toiletries when you travel. The smell-proof feature ensures your toiletries won't mix scents or leak into your luggage.

5. First Aid Kit

Our jar can serve as a mini first-aid kit for your home or car. Pack it with band-aids, antiseptic wipes, and other essentials, and you're ready for minor emergencies.

6. Snack Storage

Whether you're hiking or just out for the day, our airtight jars are great for storing snacks. The seal ensures that your snacks stay crisp and fresh throughout your adventure.

7. Sewing Kit

Keep a small sewing kit in our stash jar for fashion emergencies on-the-go. The compact size makes it easy to throw into your bag and take anywhere.

8. Pet Treats

Our jars are ideal for storing pet treats. The smell-proof technology keeps the treats fresh and prevents any strong odors from spreading in your living space.

9. Battery Storage

Batteries can corrode or leak if not stored properly. Use our airtight jars to keep them in perfect condition for when you need them most.

10. Storing Weed

Our stash jar's primary function shines when storing cannabis. It's airtight, smell-proof, and keeps your weed fresh and potent, preserving terpenes and flavors for a better experience.


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