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Pick A Roll

Premium Smell Proof Glass Stash Jar

Premium Smell Proof Glass Stash Jar

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A mixture of glass and rubber will make the smoothest use, store your herbs with style and keep it fresh.

Height: 116mm

Resistance - Pick a Roll’s Storage jar is the best solution for storing your herbs safely. The jar is made of glass which gives it a more elegant look, with a rubber cover to ensure sturdiness and discretion. The lid’s silicon material provides an additional layer to help preserve freshness and lock in the smell.

Durable - Pick a Roll’s jar is made of sturdy glass, with a smooth silicon cover to provide an additional layer of protection and discretion, easily concealing the box’s content. The silicon cover also allows for a firm, anti-slip grip. The box’s lid contains a silicon layer to ensure a tight closure in order to keep your herbs as fresh as possible.

Measurements - diameter of 2.56 inches x length of 4.56 inches.

Look & Feel - Contains a black rubber layer, with the “Nina” logo imprinted on its side.

Instructions - To open the jar, simply pull the cork open by applying some pressure. You can easily close the box by placing the cork on the top and gently squeezing it back into place until full closure.

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