How to Maintain the Freshness of Your Herbs with Pick a Roll

Fresh herbs are the key to elevating any dish or herbal experience. However, keeping them fresh for an extended period can be challenging. Here's your guide to maintaining the freshness of your herbs, featuring the Pick a Roll Smell-Proof Stash Jar as the ultimate storage solution.

Proper Initial Storage

Freshness starts with the initial storage. While plastic bags are convenient, they can accelerate the degradation of herbs. Opt for glass containers like the Pick a Roll Smell-Proof Stash Jar, which offers an airtight seal and protects against light degradation.


Humidity Control

Too much humidity can make your herbs moldy, while too little can dry them out. Keep humidity levels in check by using humidity packs inside your stash jar.


Light and Temperature

Light and heat can degrade the quality of herbs. Store your jars in a cool, dark place like a cupboard or pantry. Pick a Roll's rubber-coated glass stash jar provides an extra layer of protection against light.


Regular Checks

Perform regular checks on your stored herbs. Look for changes in color, texture, and smell, as these are indicators of degrading quality. Pick a Roll's glass design makes it easy to perform visual checks without opening the jar.



If you're storing larger quantities, consider portioning out your herbs for daily or weekly use. This reduces the frequency of opening your main storage jar, preserving the herb’s freshness for a longer time.


The "Sniff" Test

Sometimes the best test is the oldest—smelling your herbs. A scent that's lost its strength is a clear sign your herbs have lost their potency. Our smell-proof jar ensures that odors stay contained, making the sniff test more reliable.


Using Pick a Roll's Smell-Proof Stash Jar

Our jars aren't just smell-proof—they're designed to maintain the freshness of your herbs. With an airtight seal and rubber-coated glass, our jars are the go-to storage solution for anyone serious about maintaining the quality of their herbs.



Keeping your herbs fresh is a science and an art. With these tips and the right storage solutions like the Pick a Roll Smell-Proof Stash Jar, your herbs will stay fresh, potent, and ready to elevate your next experience.

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