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2 Part Herb Grinder 55mm

2 Part Herb Grinder 55mm

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Black Aluminium Grinder - or just Shredder!

Compact 2 Parts Rounded Grinder, Best to-go Grinder, And Yes, You Can Find Nina On it.

Black aluminum herb grinder - or just shredder.

Compact 2 parts rounded grinder, the Best to-go grinder and yes, You can find Nina on it.

55mm diameter
5.29 Ounces

Durable - The ‘Nina’ grinder is made of aluminum and has sharp edges to cut through all types of herb efficiently. The magnet in the center ensures both parts of the grinder are strongly intact when grinding your herbs.

Measurements - With a 2.16" diameter & 0.86" height - the ‘Nina’ grinder is the perfect size for carrying when on the go and can easily fit your pocket, purse, or pouch!

Look & Feel - The portable - easy to use - two-piece ‘Nina’ grinder, comes in matte black with the “Nina” logo imprinted on the top in white. Its magnet interior ensures both pieces are intact while grinding.

Instructions - Open the lid of the grinder by lifting it upwards. Place a small portion of the herb within the teeth of the grinder (not on the magnet) and close the lid. Twist both grinder parts together, in opposite directions, until the herb reaches the preferred size.

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