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Pick A Roll

"Retro Tape" King Size Rolling Papers

"Retro Tape" King Size Rolling Papers

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Retro Cassette Design for Rolling Papers?! For Real? Yes!
I still remember recording my first cassette with my favorite 90s hits - do you?
Just pick your cassette for the highest vol.

Classic King Size Magnetic Rolling Papers
Roll with style anywhere with Pick a Roll

Natural Food Colours
Pure Organic Hemp
100% Vegan Organic Papers & Tips
100% Natural Arabic Gum
Ultra This Papers Slow Burning
32 Leaves + 32 tips (filters)

Filter - Multi Color
Paper - White

Choose the pack size you need:

  • Single pack - 32 Leaves + tips (filters)
  • Pack of 3 - 96 Leaves + tips (filters) total
  • Pack of 20 - 640 Leaves + tips (filters) total
  • Pack of 40 - 1280 Leaves + tips (filters) total
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